One of the largest and oldest estates in Tanzania set in the foothills of the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro. 
The arrival of the AA, AB and Peaberries has been most welcome and the cups have certainly not let us down. 

Kilimanjaro Plantation is one of the oldest in Tanzania. Under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro the plantation also benefits from the cooler climate and unique climate. The land remains well irrigated with glacial run off and temperatures stay cool and moderate. The soil is fertile and volcanic. The plantations are set over 595 hectares, growing 1.2 million coffee trees with a remaining 50 odd hectares planted as shade trees and wildlife corridors. Kili-Plantation is truly beautiful and passionate about producing coffee to the highest quality.
Altitude: 1050-1400 masl


  • Tanzania

  • Grade: Peaberries

    Bean Appearance: Racing green

    Acidity: High

    Body: Medium - Bold

    Flavour: Fruit tea and raspberry high notes , sweet maple syrup with chocolaty undertones, apple brightness

    Roast: Medium/Dark